YK Taekwondo Center
For Children,
Adults, and Families

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One Private Lesson with Master Young
Little Tigers

4 & 5 year old children learn focus, self-control, and coordination.

Children's Classes

Children learn focus, respect, and build confidence.

Teens & Adults

Teens and adults improve physical and mental fitness.

Family Classes

Families improve physical fitness together. 

Build a Better Life with taekwondo!

Benefits for Kids

  • Builds focus to address  ADD/ADHD
  • Builds self-control in young children
  • Improves skills to deescalate conflict
  • Builds leadership and cooperation skills
  • Supports an active and healthy lifestyle

Benefits for Adults

  • Improves fitness and lose weight
  • Regains flexibility and energy
  • Releases stress and sharpen focus
  • Provides skills for self-defense

YK Taekwondo Center

At YK Taekwondo, everybody has the opportunity to start with a Free private lesson with Master Young. Master Young and YK Taekwondo staff will provide you with step by step instructions so that you will feel comfortable and have answers to all of your questions as you begin your training. As a member, you will be a part of a group class in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Come join our Taekwondo family and experience the physical and mental benefits of martial arts training. Simple click the button to begin your martials arts journey.