Ages 6-12

Confidence leads to Success!

     In our world today, we are unfortunately being exposed to an overabundance of technology, which often leads to long periods of physical inactivity, resulting in decreased fitness and poor health. This is especially true for children, who are experiencing an increase in ADD and ADHD symptoms, who are struggling with focus and task completion, and as a result, are struggling significantly with confidence, as they often feel like that just cannot get things right.

     The good news is that at YK Taekwondo, we gives kids the opportunity to be active and gain athletic skills, and improve strength, flexibility, and endurance. We show them how to be successful, and we take each step with them as they learn how to put these skills into practice. In addition to physical skills, we work with children on life skills such as fucus, respect, confidence, perseverance, integrity.

Additional Benefits:
  • Increasing FOCUS
  • Learning RESPECT 
  • Building CONFIDENCE  
  • Building PERSEVERANCE 

Our Core Values